Token name: ADToken(ADT) Business Token
Country: Georgia, U S
Company name: METAXCHAIN INC
Qualification status: Completed (2018-05-15 By Qiex)
Twitter: @ad_chain
About Team:

The new blockchain based protocol for the advertising industry. the adChain Registry is launched as a collaboration between MetaX and ConsenSys. adToken holders play an incentivized voting game to determine whether an applicant to the registry is a legitimate and reputable publisher or not. Token holders realize no upside for the volume of impressions served to publishers in the registry; rather, they realize upside by seeing the number of publishers applying to and renewing listings in the registry increase. So long as the registry is kept clean of bot traffic, advertisers will want to service bid requests from its registrants. So long as advertisers desire to service bid requests from registrants, registrants will desire to renew their listings and unlisted publishers will desire to apply for listings. Token holders are incentivized to keep fraudulent applicants out of the registry by voting judiciously to maintain this virtuous cycle.

Exchange :SDT-USDT | SDT-ETH

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