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Basic Information

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Project positioning

How will your digital currency be utilized in our daily life? In what area will your product apply to?

What is the core value of your digital currency??


How is the market environment of your products?

What is the current market demand?

How are your competitors' products?

Project positioning

Please introduce the main founder of your project

Please introduce the past of the technical team

Please describe your project operations team and plan

Do you have an outside consultant?


If yes, please explain briefly

Are there any of your team members involved in other projects of digital currencies?


If yes, Please list all other projects they are currently working on


Do you have an investor or project partner?


If so, please introduce


Why would the value increase over time?

Did your project finish ICO?


How much was raised during the ICO? What percentage of ICO Hard Cap reached? (If the ICO is still in progress, please state the current situation.)

How many people participated in your ICO? (If the ICO is still in progress, please state the current situation.)

ICO Start Date and Duration (Number of Days)

ICO Price

Pre-sale Price

What is the current market cap of your digital currency?

Total Supply

Total Circulation Supply

Total Official hold

Which exchanges are your coin currently trading on?

Is your wallet ERC20?


Github link

Please provide Instructions on how to integrate your wallet


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Other Link

How many user ( registered & active) do you currently have? HOW many people are there in your community?

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