aXpire (AXPR)

AXPR is aXpire’s cross-platform token across our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools, which are geared towards asset managers: Resolvr (spend management), MatchBX (procurement/freelancing) and CoinBX (crypto gateway). Our token is unique in that it can be used across a suite of already existing tools and we have 2 more products already on the way. Our business concept is focused on providing an institutional-grade asset management experience for blockchain investments. We recently achieved the ability to launch licensed blockchain funds, and we can manage them through Resolvr, and allow investors to buy into those funds with CoinBX (pronounced “coinbox”). Any work funds require us to do can be routed through MatchBX to ensure we are paid in our token for any and all services that we provide; this tool also empowers our community to work for AXPR and benefit from an additional use case for their cryptocurrency. Bittrex should list AXPR because our use cases only grow every day, and we are an institutional quality team, with backgrounds in payments, software and institutional asset management (investment banking / private equity). As an example of what’s to come, we recently featured on CNBC and revealed our new partnership with family offices, representing $11 trillion of AUM.



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