Biblepay(BBP) Client & new PPA : Masternodes please update (WCG Unbanked fix included)

Forwarding from:@BiblePay



   * RPC command ‘spork show’ improved (thesnat21).
* typos and text corrections (sunk818)
* changes to support new launchpad PPAs (MIP)

* Resuming standard World Community Grid unbanked payments (new host verification method) no more limit to 100rac for WCG

Available for MacOS and Linux at this moment

Due to unresponsiveness of Licht who maintained the previous Ubuntu PPA packages, we created a new PPA with support for Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) and 18.04 (bionic)

If you want to use this new PPA, and you used previously Licht’s package on a machine, please remove it before installing the new packages, to avoid conflicts.


# stop biblepay
sudo apt-get remove biblepayd biblepay-qt
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:biblepay/stable –remove

Then add the new repository


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:biblepay-official/mainnet
sudo apt-get update

and install as usual


sudo apt-get install biblepayd    # daemon and cli
sudo apt-get install biblepay-qt  # for QT GUI

Later on we will create separate packages for testnet versions for that purpose, which will build from “develop” branch of our repo (as “master” branch is used to create mainnet packages).

From now on, when submitting pull requests, please select “biblepay:develop” branch as destination, instead “biblepay:master”, to allow us to compile and test before moving the code to the “stable” master branch.

This will facilitate us managing the whole product cycle more efficiently.

Thank you!


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