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Streamr DATA(DATA)

Streamr is creating an open source platform for the free and fair exchange of the world’s realtime data. Our blockchain-backed data Marketplace and powerful tools put your data back where it belongs – with you.

Token name: Streamr DATA Coin(DATA) Business Token
Country: Switzerland
Company name: Streamr Network AG
Qualification status: Completed (2018-05-18 By Qiex)
Twitter: @streamrinc

Streamr is a distributed company, with a main office in Zug, Switzerland and a satellite in Helsinki, Finland that is home to Streamr Labs, who help our partners integrate with the products we produce.

If you own a car, go take a good look at it. You own the tires, the steering wheel, the engine. But in the near future who will own the data that your car creates each second? You? Or a corporation?

Your automobile will soon be producing data about congestion, road quality, and mechanical feedback. If you choose, this can all be sold to highways agencies, fellow drivers, parts manufacturers, and smart city operators who can use it to make automated road repairs, schedule maintenance and redirect traffic in realtime.

In turn, your car will need data to operate in a smart city. Each day your vehicle will want to steer clear of traffic, find the best electricity prices at the closest charging stations, avoid potholes, and glean information from the hundreds of IoT sensors it will pass.

Streamr is making these data streams tradeable. We provide a single interface for realtime data delivery and payment, using our cryptographic token, $DATA. So, if you choose, your car can sell the information it produces and buy back the information it needs. And it all happens automatically.
A realtime data economy is born.

Data Marketplace
A storefront for the world’s data streams. It categorises, bundles, sorts and showcases all available data, both free and commercial on the Streamr Network, and acts as a single common interface for bringing together data buyers and sellers, who transact using $DATA. And we don’t take a transaction fee. Coming very soon.

Streamr Network
Your realtime data will travel through our decentralised peer-to-peer Network, hosted on computers around the globe. Our scalable, low-latency transport layer built for realtime dApps as well as data streams on the Marketplace will be supported by nodes who earn $DATA in exchange for the bandwidth and validation they provide.

Smart Contracts
No more centralised third parties. The Streamr Network sits on top of the blockchain for speed and scalability, but utilises the smart contracts for most security-critical operations such as $DATA transfers, permissioning, and network self-governance. The Data Marketplace also uses smart contracting to implement data stream licensing.

A blockchain everyone can trust. While the Streamr system is blockchain agnostic, the first supported blockchain and smart contracting platform will be Ethereum. Streamr Network nodes will regularly interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Our analytics Engine can also deploy and read Ethereum smart contracts as well as send transactions onto the blockchain.

Visual Editor
Connect and create with the tools we’ve made for you. Our visual programming environment makes it easy to build and test data-driven dApps. Combine data streams, smart contracts, visualisations, and off-chain analytics modules and execute your process in realtime on the Streamr Engine.

Streamr Engine
Processing raw data needs an Engine because it needs to be aggregated, filtered, or combined with other data to extract its value. Our Engine is built to deal with high volumes of information and accept data from a wide variety of sources including financial exchanges, IoT devices and social media.

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