Delisting rules

In order to ensure the safety and integrity of your funds, we will carefully consider the withdrawal of tokens, but if Party A has one of the following conditions, we will notify Party A’s development team to make improvements. If Party A fails, we will announce in advance. And the currency is off-line, and any losses incurred by Party B and other users after the downline will be borne by Party A. When Party A signs this agreement, it fully understands the rules for delisting from Party B’s platform and voluntarily bears risks.

  1. The official team is disbanded, or the currency is no longer maintained for more than 20 working days. No longer maintenance includes the following situations:
    1. The official website of Party A is closed, cannot be opened, and the announcement is no longer operational;
    2. Party A indicates by actual behavior that it no longer operates the currency;
    3. Party A token holders cannot contact the currency team;
    4. Party B could not get in touch with Party A or received project progress report more than 20 working days;
    5. The operational team’s problems with the currency wallet function are not resolved or remain unresolved after more than 20 working days;
  2. The wallet has technical problems that affect the trading and operation of digital assets;
  3. If Party B believes that the currency development team is suspected of malicious acts such as dishonest trading, Party B has the right to seize the user registration number suspected of malicious trading, freeze the funds account used for malicious trading, and suspend it. Measures such as currency transactions, delisting processing, etc.; if Party B or other users cause losses to the user due to Party A’s existence of the provisions of this Article, Party B speaks of the funds in the frozen funds account used directly to make up for the losses of the parties.
  4. There are more than 80% of the users who hold the digital currency strongly request that the currency be off-line or other situations that affect the reputation of the B platform due to the currency.
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