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House Resource Plan(HRP)

Project introduction

1 overview

1.1 HRP (House Resource Plan)

HRP/ HP (House Resource Plan) is a blockchain license issued based on ERC20, which is committed to eliminating the current phenomenon of non-disclosure and non-transparency of information in the land development and housing rental market, and trying to solve the problem of high transaction costs caused by this through blockchain technology.

Different from many overcentralized so-called blockchain projects at present, HRP does not raise funds, nor does HRP have team lockup, nor does HRP have constraints on community development. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of bitcoin, HRP will return to the essence of blockchain and salute the spirit of blockchain.

Due to have not raised, nor seek investment centralized mechanism, in the early stage of development of HRP through community operating aggregate resources, build a more extensive usage scenarios, to promote the currency promotion, build market barriers, build public ecological chain efforts, late will mainly focus on the male chain development, for financial institutions and real estate projects around the world help realizing the chain of blocks.

1.1.1 value

HRP is committed to eliminating the current phenomenon of non-disclosure and non-transparency of information in the land development and housing rental market, and trying to solve the problem of high transaction costs caused by this through blockchain technology.

In the early stage of the project development, HRP will try to develop a bet agreement based on EOS for real estate prices, so as to provide real estate investors with reliable hedging channels in sensitive economic times, and collect a certain fee as community returns.

In the middle stage of the project development, HRP will open up real estate brokers (that is, real estate transaction intermediaries), help them eliminate the soaring human resource costs in the context of social security reform, and charge a certain fee in return for the community. At the same time, HRP will connect the real estate development field, connect the blockchain industrial parks and industrial talents worldwide, and provide high-quality carrier and talent foundation for the global expansion of partners.

In the later stage of the project development, HRP will look for livable places around the world and coordinate government resources to provide think tank support for the global expansion of real estate development enterprises. At the same time, HRP general license will become a global common currency in the real estate field.

It should be pointed out that, due to the chain (@ blocks at large) in the chain of blocks in the media field has a certain status in river’s lake, a number of chain block area big V will to a certain proportion of HRP drop, so the HRP also has the function of candy charge but it’s important to note that due to the great influence (@ block chain at large), on the market a lot of generic HRP (House Resource Plan) of the token, please look for the English full name, don’t fall into the trap outlaws.

1.1.2 general certificate distribution

HRP has a total circulation of 100 million and an initial circulation of 50 million. 50% of the remaining tokens are used to unlock each year for circulation. The unlocking is completed within 50 years and the unlocking part is used for community incentive.

HRP does not carry out private placement, and 5% of the initial issuance is used for community building. 50% of the initial issuance will be used to seek angel financing and industrial capital support in the initial stage of the community; 25% of the initial circulation is used for the pledge of coinage and the general certificate incentive of community members; Twenty-five percent of the initial circulation was used to build, operate and maintain the project’s core team.

1.1.3 a more sound mechanism for equity certification

DPOS: Delegated Proof of Stake

The Chinese name of DPOS mechanism is share authorization certificate mechanism (also known as trustee mechanism), which can be understood as the parliamentarian system.

The principle of DPOS mechanism is that each HRP holder can vote to generate 101 representatives, which can also be understood as 101 super nodes or mining pools, and these 101 super nodes have exactly equal rights to each other.

In some ways, DPOS is a bit like the parliamentary system or the people’s congress system. If delegates fail to perform their duties (and, when their turn comes, fail to generate blocks), they are removed from the list, and the network selects new supernodes to replace them. The most important reason for the emergence of DPOS is that the generation of mining machines makes a large amount of computing power wasted on people who do not know and do not care about bitcoin, just like scalpers of a concert, who hoard a large number of tickets and do not care about the content of the concert at all.

1.2 HRP application scenarios

1.2.1 hedging

Many friends are no strangers to the 2018 economic crisis. Then cut into depression, countless American elite because still can’t afford the mortgage and credit bankruptcy even separated, but I believe you have seen a film reflects the us subprime mortgage crisis “big short” (the film reflects the global financial crisis in 2008, Wall Street a few shrewd investment ghost just before the credit crisis in 2007 through the bubble illusion, shorting subprime CDS benefited greatly, become a few more profitable investment in financial disaster lean).

Can be found in a bubble too serious in the market, is very sensitive to risk investment can also be empty profit by doing it, not necessarily have to wait for a price correction, for part of the real estate market in developing countries, it is not only a good business, also help investors to the country’s asset prices. It would also serve as a hedge for homeowners.

1.2.2 industrial parks

HRP (House Resource Plan) community will be committed to building blockchain industrial park on a global scale. HRP can be used as a means of payment for investors’ consumption behavior in the park. Compared with pure legal tender payment, HRP holders will enjoy a certain degree of preferential treatment.

1.2.3 house rental

HRP (House Resource Plan) is committed to the construction of decentralized housing rental market, and HRP is used as a means of payment. In the future, HRP holders will be able to rent wherever they want without restriction on a global scale.

1.2.4 asset chain

Due to the fact that houses are inseparable in real life, investors have to borrow money to buy houses. Once the economy goes down, investors who cannot afford the mortgage will face the possibility of credit bankruptcy. If the real estate chain, can be the real estate investment risk diversification, while reducing the debt level of residents.

1.3 market prospect

At present, the global real estate stock market is as large as 200 trillion yuan, with broad market prospects.

  1. General information and contact information

(1) Token information

Website address:

The white paper address: Id = da83423c81f609f6b7fd8dc510234954

Smart address: 0 xa998746f10038160240151871e71a587a4f292da


(2) air drop record

The first batch of airdrops, in the form of hongbao, were delivered to HRP trands group members in the form of bitcoin and friends transaction, mainly aimed at the core users who have the intention to build the community, about 100 people.

The second batch of airdrops, in the news qi exchange airdrops to its currency users, about 1000 people, strong trading desire.

The third batch of airdrops, targeted at the core fans of blockchain xiaoyaozi, about 200 people, is conducive to the spread of the community.

The fourth batch of airdrops, aimed at the active users of ethereum in 2017, about 10,000 people, will cooperate with kcash wallet and pack COINS.

(3) address description of the first 10 positions (updated with December 20, 2018)

Self sustaining 0 xe53d464cb60ce7f4504f30bbbac0b1455697e8a5 (team)

0 x55f17583566d4faa3aea5f7c981490a6d6d7b8e8 (warehouse) lock)

Address 0 x47f84ff0f5ad2fff5f5f28b7b3303ed687fcab6d (exchange)

Address 0 x2b3f4443e09834a30dfa2b6e2893a80b87d1a100 (exchange)

Address 0 xe53d464cb60ce7f4504f30bbbac0b1455697e8a5 (exchange)

0 x066060d390bc0f355ba25c0045c5ed1e85bb0c66 (resources introduction)

0 x79388e621d6ce64e200b69d3659a735d27104c8e (resources introduction)

0 x0d659db0e2945df61dbaca31a183f58197cc0ae6 (resources introduction)

0 xce57865a247be9568613dc382e4cfcb03515979a (resources introduction)

0 x5dbb4aa4bd8823951e064d666feb185358711d94 (drop)

(4) the exchange has been launched

Coinopen( — innovation zone: HRP/ETH trading pair; — main board: HRP/USDT trading pair;

Kex (Kcash wallet embedded exchange) — main board: HRP/ETH trading pair;

To fly exchange ( — the mainboard: HRP/ETH to deal.

(5) blockchain games have been launched

King chariots ( — gold field special (HRP)

(6) online wallet

Kcash, imtoken, etc

(7) social software has been launched

Imchat etc.

(8) information disclosure channels

WeChat official account: wthtjxyz

WeChat group: about 3000 people

QQ group :(1) media group 583129329 (2) user group 583129329

Telegram (link in currency for easy access) :

Weibo: Topnav = 1 & WVR = 6

Today’s headline:

  1. Core advisors

Wang tenghe (@blockchain xiaoyaozi) :

He is a veteran observer and investor of the blockchain industry, a well-known Internet information blogger, a contracted “we media” on weibo, an Internet expert of toutiao, a judge and lifelong consultant of the media group of GBLS global sleepless blockchain leaders summit (hangzhou, zhejiang), and the author of “a book to understand blockchain”.

Xiaoyaozi is an early investor in bitcoin and repo bitcoin, which has made a good return on investment. At the same time, he is also an active explorer and evangelist of blockchain technology. He believes that blockchain is not only the revolution of productivity and production relationship that is about to subvert the classical Internet era, but also an indispensable thinking innovation before human beings step into the era of artificial intelligence.

The new book “a book to understand the blockchain” written by wang teng he, a famous microblog big V of blockchain (@blockchain xiaoyaozi), has been published and issued officially, and has been logged in the offline bookstores such as jingdong, dangdang, taobao and xinhua bookstore. Wang teng he said that blockchain is not only the productivity and production relation revolution that is about to subvert the classical Internet era, but also an indispensable thinking innovation before human beings step into the era of artificial intelligence. The first time to get the industry famous people have thumb up, ZB co-founder li, director of the China block chain anti-fraud technology application center at the beginning of tang set sail, chain TRUE jointly launched a National People’s Congress, founder of GBLS Zhao Changyu, ant forever block chain alliance founder rayfile, ChainX handsome, currency finance CEO susceptibility to vanquish, chain business founding tiger’s founder, encrypted capital Feng Canjiang & Xie Weifeng, lights block chain Zhang Hongbin, pole beans Wang Qin capital partners, brother elder brother family founder auspicious, etheric zero Wu Zhibin nie two bright super node, the chain community, former director of huaxia happiness industry Liao Liang have some great support, and join a book.

Jingdong buy books links: Dist = jd

Taobao (day cat books links) : Sm = 05 b220


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