Major changes in SAGA members

Recently, the original SAGA team mentioned in the email that there will be major changes in team members. The QIEX exchange received news today that the SAGA project has been handed over to the new team for further development.

SAGA’s new team member @CryptoDachs was released in XX on November 29th:
After almost 1 year of SagaCoins existence the current Sagacoin team decided to make fundamental changes within the coreteam and decisions we wants to inform you about these changes now.

New team members:
We put a new team together that is really excited about Sagacoin and believes in unlocking the potential and improve its business performance.

The NEW team members are:
1. CryptoDachs
2. four experienced, ambitious and very motivated developers are on board that have lots of experience in developing cryptocoins already.
3. A Cloud, scripting and infrastructure guru
4. A blockchain advisor and innovator
5. A marketing expert and partner manager @everyone

At present, the new SAGA team has not yet contacted the QIEX team, and the strength of its new team and the future direction of SAGA are unknown. Users are advised to prevent and control risks and improve their safety awareness.

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