OptiToken (OPTI)

OptiToken is the worlds first Hyperdeflationary monetary system. That’s right, not only is it a first for cryptocurrency but currency in general. OptiToken utilizes a trading engine and funds from the ICO for algorithmic trading. The formula uses a constantly occurring gain percentage amount to signal a sell into any token(s) in the basket that meets a criteria of being “oversold.” This too is based off of recurring downward price patterns that are identified and adjusted as the market evolved and adapts. If no buy criteria is met and 2 or more sell signals occur for any token, then a portion is sold into a stable intermediary, which for now is the Euro, to ride out volatility or to hold the value constant until the next buy signal appears. If certain conditions are met than conservative leveraged trades may, or may not, execute on certain tokens in certain situations to further protect or benefit the OptiToken portfolio.



Project website:https://optitoken.io


White Paper:https://optitoken.io/White_paper.pdf


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