QIEX Credit Score (QI) completed the first repurchase

Respected User,

In November 2018, QIEX Credit Points (QI) completed the first repurchase.
Details of the specific repurchase will be announced after one week. (The specific content of the repurchase and the destruction address)

Due to the recent price fluctuations of QI, the QI’s release rules have been adjusted by the QIEX team until the QI is fully released.

1. Users who successfully register QIEX can get 100QI reward after passing the third-level identity authentication.
2. Click on the daily check-in to get a 1QI reward.
3. Each QIEX user can become a recommender and invite friends to become QIEX users. After your friend has successfully registered and passed the third-level identity authentication, the recommender can get 100QI rewards.

QIEX reserves the right of final interpretation



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