QIEX Exchange has completed the upgrade

Respected Users,

Thank you for your support of QIEX. I am pleased to inform you that the QIEX Exchange trading system has completed the revision upgrade.

This revision upgrade adds the GEM  (QI market).Updated the listing criteria, listing process, information questionnaire and project scoring system.Optimized trading system, QIEX provides users with a safer and faster trading experience.


About the  GEM  (QI market). The new projects approved for review will first be listed on the GEM, providing only QI trading pairs. After 7 days of listing, the QIEX user voted to decide whether the project will switch to the main board and which transaction pairs are listed.


About listing standards, listing process, information questionnaire and project scoring system. In order to protect the rights of QIEX users, we have developed more stringent listing auditing standards and developed a unique project scoring system (CTBTR model). QIEX hopes that by selecting high-quality projects, users can get accurate investment and avoid unnecessary losses.

  • QIEX CTBTR Assessment:


About trading system upgrades. In order to enhance the user’s trading experience, QIEX upgrades the trading system while optimizing the details of the transaction. The new version of QIEX will enable a secure, large-scale, fast trading environment. QIEX provides users with a digital asset exchange that is safe, reliable, transparent, fast and convenient, and has 24/7 professional customer service.


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