QIEX Information Questionnaire

The QIEX Information Questionnaire is the basis for the evaluation of the listing of QIEX Exchange projects. Please download the QIEX Listing Questionnaire and fill it out and send it to bd@iex.im.

QIEX Exchange listing assess project focuses statement

1. Real: The material submitted by the project party is true, reasonable and legal as the first element.

2. Reasonable: The project side project is reasonable and in line with the basic values of QIEX.

3. Application: The project has practical application and is reliable. If there is no actual application, it will be carefully considered.

4. Proof: The proof of identity of the founder is necessary. QIEX is concerned with the reverse proof of all the information provided by the project party.

5. Team: Team strength does not mean everything. QIEX is the main evaluation item. Whether the project completes the progress of the planned plan on time, and can actually be the focus of evaluation.

6. User: QIEX does not use user volume as the main evaluation item, but pays more attention to the user’s views on the project and the project side. Users can develop, but the project itself is more important.

Please download the Information Questionnaire at here

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