QIEX Listing Process

The new QIEX Listing Process will be released and implemented on October 1, 2018.

1. Download the QIEX Information Questionnaire. After completing the form, please send the questionnaire and related materials to bd@iex.im.

2. The QIEX risk control personnel conduct an audit score based on the questionnaires and related materials provided by the project party. Through the audited project, by project review, waiting for the listing schedule.

3. The project will be listed in the GEM market, only the QI transaction pair will be provided, and the BTC/ETH/USDT transaction pair will not be listed. The project will be traded in the GEM market for 7 days.

4. After the project has been in the GEM market for 7 days, the project needs to be voted by the user to decide whether to switch to the main board.

5. QIEX users vote for support or opposition to the project transfer. The voting time is 7 days.

6. The voting result supports more than 51% of the votes transferred, and the project can be transferred to the main board. If the number of votes supported cannot reach 51%, it will remain in the GEM market.

7. At the same time as voting, the user can select the transaction pair listed in the main board of the project. The decision-making power listed in the BTC/ETH/USDT transaction pair will be given to the QIEX user.

8. Participation in voting eligibility criteria: users with user authentication level of L1-L3, project assets greater than 0.1, QI assets greater than 1.

9. Each time the project is voted on, the user can only participate once and cannot vote repeatedly.

10. The QI of the user participating in the voting will be frozen and will be released after the voting is over.

11. If the vote is not passed, the project can apply for a vote again in the following month, with a voting period of 30 days.

12. If both votes are not passed, the project will be delisted.

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