QIEX Star Project Listing Process

1. Strictly review project information, blockchain explorer and project communities. Through these three evaluation projects, it became the star project of QIEX.QIEX will provide special identification for the project and provide targeted services.

2. The quasi-star projects that passed the first two assessments will be listed in the open market. In order to evaluate the project community, the mainstream trading pairs will not be listed, only the QI trading pair will be provided, and the duration of the first listing will be 7 days;

3. After the project is listed for 7 days, the project needs to be voted by the user to decide whether it can be converted into a mainstream trading pairs. The voting time is 7 days;

4. The number of votes supported by the voting results exceeded 51%, and the project was successfully converted into the mainstream trading pairs. The project party can choose whether to continue to retain the QI trading pair. If the number of votes supported cannot reach 51%, Continue to provide only QI trading pair;

5. QIEX will hand over the decision-making power of the project trading pairs to the user. At the same time as voting, the user can select the mainstream trading pairs of the project;

6. Participation in voting eligibility criteria: users with user authentication level of L1-L3, project assets greater than 0.1, QI assets greater than 1;

7. Participating in voting Each user can only vote one vote at a time, and cannot vote repeatedly; the QI of the user participating in the voting will be frozen, and will be thawed after the voting is over;

8. If the vote is not passed, the project can apply again to vote in the following month, with a voting period of 7 days;

9. If both votes are not passed, the project will cancel the transfer of star ratings to the open market.

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