QIEX Will Delist SENSE and LNC

Respected User,

Since the QIEX Team found that many projects violated the true principles and rationality of QIEX when applying for listing,in order to avoid the risks to QIEX users,we upgraded our project scoring system (CTBTR model).

After considering the comprehensive factors, Projects that were originally listed but do not meet the new QIEX CTBTR model criteria are temporarily listed in GEM.However, this is not absolute. The project side can submit more and more accurate information to improve the comprehensive score, and by getting more community voting scores, it can be listed as the mainstream trading pair again when the target is achieved.

The QIEX Team emailed the relevant project party and set aside one month adjustment time for the project side.

Based on the above, and the project party did not make any effective measures. QIEX decided to withdraw from SENSE and LNC at 2018/21/31 12:00 (UTC), and to stop all transactions in the deposit and trading pair. Withdrawals from QIEX will continue to be supported.


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