QIEX’s listing Standard


1. Your project

        1.1 Subject query :Provide your project official website, project management entity certificate (business license / foundation) and inquiry method

        1.2 Project Story: A brief description of the project’s story, including: the project’s vision, the origin of the project, and important historic moments

        1.3 Project Positioning: A brief description of the industry in which the project is applied, what kind of industry problems have been solved, and where it can be applied

2. Market outlook

        2.1 Industry Environment: What is the environment in your industry?

        2.2 Market Demand: Briefly describe your project market demand and its impact on the industry’s overall environment

        2.3 Competitors: A brief description of the competitor’s situation, the advantages and disadvantages of comparing with competitors

3. Team

        3.1 IFounding Team: Introduce the founder of your project and provide proof of identity

        3.2 ITechnical team: Introduce your technical team, including: number of people, background, projects that have been implemented in the past

        3.3 Iperations Team: Introduce your operations team, including: number of people, background, past operating cases

        3.4 IConsultant team: Introduce your consultant team background and direct or indirect assistance to your project

4. Partner / Investor

        4.1 Partner: Briefly describe the cooperation methods and cooperation content of the partners

        4.2 Investors: A brief description of the investor’s background, the amount of the investment, and the investor’s assistance to the project elsewhere

5. Coin/Token

        5.1 Allocation Logic: A brief description of the token allocation logic

        5.2 Value-added: A brief description of why tokens can add value

6. Technical highlights

        6.1 Technical Highlights: Highlights of your token innovation and what makes it different

        6.2 Patent: Is your technology patented?

7. Planning progress

        7.1 Project Planning: Your project planning, roadmap, and specific time

        7.2 Execution level: Which stage of the roadmap your project has implemented

        7.3 Information Disclosure: Provide project progress and disclosure at least once a month

8. White paper

        8.1 Content Logic

        8.2 Legibility

9. Field visit

        9.1 The project party visit the letter of credit and take photos

        9.2 Fees

                9.2.1 There is no charge for listing on QIEX

                9.2.2 Conduct field visits according to different locations of the project and collect the inspection fees accordingly. The payment method is QI currency

                9.2.3 If your project passes the field visit, we will refund the entire inspection fee, otherwise we will not refund it

                9.2.4 For projects that have not passed the audit, QIEX will notify the project party that it has not passed the audit, but QIEX does not provide any services such as legal currency and virtual currency to purchase the listing quota. Projects can submit applications again and provide more convincing information, data, etc. in order to get listed


1. Real: The material submitted by the project party is true, reasonable and legal as the first element

2. Reasonable: The project side project is reasonable and in line with the basic values of QIEX

3. Application: The project has practical application and is reliable. If there is no actual application, it will be carefully considered

4. Proof: The proof of identity of the founder is necessary. QIEX is concerned with the reverse proof of all the information provided by the project party

5. Team: Team strength does not mean everything. QIEX is the main evaluation item. Whether the project completes the progress of the planned plan on time, and can actually be the focus of evaluation

6. User: QIEX does not use user volume as the main evaluation item, but pays more attention to the user’s views on the project and the project side. Users can develop, but the project itself is more important



For the safety of the user’s funds, we will carefully consider the decoupling of the token, but if the project side has one of the following conditions, we will inform the project development team to make improvements. If the project party does not act, we will announce it in advance and go offline the currency

1. The official team is disbanded, or the currency is no longer maintained for more than 60 working days. “no longer maintained” refers to the following situations

        1.1 The official website platform is closed, cannot be opened, and the announcement is no longer operational

        1.2 The project party indicates that it no longer operates the currency in actual practice

        1.3 The token holder cannot contact the team of this currency

        1.4 QIEX is unable to contact the project party or has not received the project progress report for more than 60 working days

        1.5 The operation team clearly stated that the problems with the token wallet function will not be resolved or that it has not been resolved after more than 60 working days

2. The wallet has technical problems that affect the trading and operation of digital assets

3. QIEX has evidence that the currency development team is suspected of malicious acts such as malicious trade, QIEX has the right to suspend the user registration number suspected of malicious

operation, freeze the fund account of malicious operation, suspend the currency transaction, delist the market, etc. For other parties, such as QIEX users, because the project party has caused

losses to the user in the behaviors stipulated in this article, QIEX will directly use the funds in the frozen fund account to make up for the losses of the parties

4. More than 80% of users holding this digital currency strongly demand to offline the currency, or due to the project side, it affects the reputation of the QIEX platform

5. The project development has not been completed in accordance with the established plan for a long time. Consider carefully

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