Temporary maintenance announcement

Temporary maintenance announcement

  • ! We found a potential security risk at the QIEX exchange. In order to ensure the safety of users’ funds, QIEX is actively handling it.
  • ! Due to the high level of security risk, QIEX is troubleshooting all possible security risks. This may take a long time.
  • ! All unfinished orders for the user have been cancelled and restored to your funds account. Ensure that your assets can be traded smoothly.
  • ! After logging in successfully through this page, follow the prompts to conduct your withdrawal.
  • ! This may be a bit complicated, but to keep your money safe, QIEX has done the most secure and easy to use balance. We are very sorry about this.
  • ! Believe that we will meet again soon, and we will be refreshed to surprise you.
  • ! Thank you for your long-term trust in QIEX.



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