[TRS]Biblepay Update 20180612

[TRS]Biblepay Update 20180612

Biblepay Update 20180612

The World Community Grid (WCG), our second CPU research project we reward coins for, has reached a credit factor of zero, meaning that no more BiblePay coins will be paid out, at least for now, We had to slowly stop rewarding coins for WCG due to recent changes in European law. We are still waiting for WCG/IBM to send us the legal paperwork for us to move forward. We do still reward for our first CPU research project Rosetta@Home.
Charity Profile: BLOOM (Be Love Orphan Outreach Missions)

We are preparing for our June 2018 Mandatory Release and are currently testing the latest code v1.1.2.5 on the Testnet chain, help us test if you can!

Testing Thread:

Testing Objectives:
  • Ensure monthly (weekly in testnet) superblock is capable of paying a dispursement, ensure getgovernanceinfo is correct
  • Ensure daily PODC superblock is also capable of dispursing, ensure exec getboincinfo podc budget is correct (The above two tests verify the cascading superblock bug will be mitigated)
  • Ensure wallet boots without memorizing prayers on the primary thread, but yet in the background thread (this is the speedy bootup feature)
  • Ensure active proposal list view is available
  • Ensure active proposal list vote works
  • Ensure active proposal list pie chart works
  • Test new PODC mature consensus feature

(  // Mature means we stake a point in history (one timestamp per day) as Yesterdays point, and mature means it is older than that historical point.

// This should theoretically allow the sancs to come to a more perfect consensus each day for PODC elements: DCCs (Distinct CPIDs), UTXOWeights (UTXO Stake Amounts), TaskWeights (Task confirmations), and Unbanked Indicators. )

  • Test exec podcvotingreport
  • Check Slovakian User Interface Language to ensure the ?’s have dissappeared
  • After F13000 Cutover Height, Block speed has been increased by 4.5% (aiming for 205 blocks per day)BiblePay Github:

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