[TRS]Biblepay Update 20180709

[TRS]Biblepay Update 20180709

Biblepay Update 20180709

– Mandatory Upgrade v1.1.3.8
Comes into effect at block number 57700
Code Changes:
– Fixed monthly/daily superblock bug and log spam
– Added List Proposals UI, View Proposal, Chart Proposal,
Vote Proposal, and Add Proposal
– Merged Slovakian language translation
– Tuned block speed
– Added Transaction Filters
– Allow Proof of Work mining if recent research magnitude
– Added Staking table to command “exec totalrac”
– Orphan Letter Writing Bounty

We have a need for more letter writing this month,
so the letter writing reward has been increased 300% to 4279 BBP!

– Stratis Roadmap
We are experimenting with porting the BiblePay code to Stratis (C#)


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