The excitement of blockchain can sometimes feel exciting, but at times it can seem like the next bubble. XOV are dispelling these myths by making real financial, banking and payments services available today, using all the benefits of decentralisation technology. The blockchain market is too saturated already and many are unable to reach the masses, but that’s exactly what will make blockchain technology the next financial revolution – a vision that XOV is determined to reach as part of its relentless drive to change the way ordinary people access personal finance. Using the combined strength of the XOV portfolio, we can make mass adoption reality.

Decentralised Finance

XOV has developed its first retail product running on the BitShares network providing secure and compliant access to a range of digital currencies. This will be developed further to include decentralised loans, mortgages, insurance and complex derivatives mirroring the full spectrum of mainstream financial products and services available today. Using a new XOV Connect mobile application, blockchain intermediaries and partners will be able to seamlessly connect thousands of customers to the XOV retail trading platform.

Decentralised Banking

XOV have spent 12 months consulting with economists on redefining stability in digital banking to provide the means to build the world’s biggest decentralised Central Bank – a bank that sits above the traditional global banking system issuing a universally accepted stable digital currency without the vulnerabilities of existing stable coins, and hedged against real, transparent assets of value. A secure blockchain that meets the needs of Central Banks, Governments, institutional investors and HNWs.

Digital Payments

XOV has created its digital payments arm, Slipstream – the new face of digital currency payments to rival Visa and Mastercard, offering low fees to retail merchants. A fully scalable solution that can service millions of customers with physical and virtual debit and credit cards for any digital currency without the merchant needing to know the method of payment.



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